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How do i get a factory to produce clothing?

I want to be an Entrepreneur and start off with a clothing line. #skidds #textiles #manufacturing

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2 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Giovanni,

That is a great question, and shows your entrepreneurial personality. I have experimented with being an entrepreneur in my life, and at one time started a clothing and giftware design business. I do not know the answer to your question, but I know from my own experience and stories about other designers that you can start smaller. First of all, have you learned sewing skills? If not, and if you want to work with fabric, it would be a great subject for you to study, and extremely pertinent to your goals. You will need to know about different types of fabric, how they "drape", how they respond to structuring, different sewing techniques that will affect your design, and all about patterns and pattern making in order to be a clothing designer. You will also need prototypes of your designs to show, and in the beginning, it will be much easier if you can make them yourself. Buying an adjustable "dress form", which is a special mannequin for sewing will really help with creating and fitting. It would also help to study fashion design and its history. You can do this on your own if you are choosing not to go through typical education. After making or getting prototypes and patterns made (it is better, I think-to make them yourself, so you can get them just right. It is difficult to describe what you want to another person.) you can use freelance seamstresses to produce small collections. Then you can market them yourself, selling wholesale to small shops and boutiques. Going to school for fashion design would be easier, because they will teach you about the entire business, but it's also possible to study hard and learn it as you go. Good luck! I hope you will make your dream your reality!

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Donald’s Answer

How do you get a factory? Start small, know your product and process and do some real thinking about how you might accomplish your goal.

Hundreds of businesses are started each day around the globe. They range in size from a few dollars of revenue to giant sums of money. For the entrepreneur, starting out can be very challenging or if one has the appropriate backing and experience, very easy.

Some of the elements to consider are listed below, not all, but a sampling of questions you might want to begin with:
Do you have the self-discipline, drive and dedication to your venture? Good ideas are a “dime a dozen”, translating those ideas into goods and services (and making a profit) is not for the easily discouraged. While success is particularly satisfying as an entrepreneur, the amount of time, effort and difficulty will not be minimal. Do you have the personal communication skills, sales ability and technical knowledge necessary to market and sell your product or service?

Do I have the financial backing to embark on your venture? If you’re living at home and are receiving food, clothing and shelter, insurance, transportation and a space for your venture, that’s great. If you are missing any of these resources, it will be necessary to provide them while you are starting your business. That said, people have started businesses on a “shoestring” but it is VERY difficult to do and contributes to the already high stress involved with a startup.

Do you have the core competencies to start the business? Kim's answer did a nice job of describing those. I'm talking about the analytical skills, financial tools, marketing strategy etc. It helps to list the resources you need, the resources you have and the gap between the two. Filling in the gaps with resources will be an important part of your business planning.

Have you defined who are your likely customers and why they are likely to purchase your products? Do you have the right "contacts" or will you be out selling as well as designing and manufacturing? Have you explored other companies in the same field? On what basis will you compete with them?

Once you have most of these questions answered, out, you’ll be ready to begin a formal business plan, developing all the details of your concept and delivery scheme. And you need to have the time to totally think through you idea from start to opening the door of your factory….that’s when the real challenge begins!

Now I know this sounds very complicated but it is done every day and the people who make this happen are the ones who keep our economy running. And I hear a lot of, "I just want to design clothing, or maybe airplanes or provide a service". The reality is that this is really just the starting point!

That said, Every major designer and manufacturer on the planet started with their idea in their mind. While there are a few geniuses out there, most are people like you and me. Whether you think you can or you can't - you're right. If this is your dream - Go for it! Best of luck, Don Knapik