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Noah’s Avatar
Noah Sep 26, 2022 216 views

what do i need to do to work in construction?

Do i need any extra schooling.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Oct 18, 2022 237 views

What is a typical day in cement masonry and what type of problems do you face while working?

I'm getting into it and wanna know what I can.

Donavan’s Avatar
Donavan Sep 04, 2020 442 views

How can i be a successful business owner

Im a 12th grader who is looking to start a business #business

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah Sep 04, 2020 305 views

what are some thing i need to do to start my own business

im a helpful person and i want to get to experience different things and getting to know to different people

Monica’s Avatar
Monica Mar 16, 2020 778 views

What skills, abilities, and personal attributes are essential to success in a job or field?

#office #administration #career #business

sabrina’s Avatar
sabrina Jan 16, 2020 419 views

what is the median house price in new york

#business #finance

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Jun 12, 2019 479 views

In your expirence what is the cause of any on job accidents?

#Carpentry #Safety #Building accidents #construction

Dalton’s Avatar
Dalton Apr 16, 2019 553 views

I'm interested in becoming a entrepreneur, what strengths and weaknesses might i need?

#entrepreneur #business #sports #football # #sports-management #sports-medicine #sports #sports-marketing #technology # engineering

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Dec 14, 2018 582 views

How hard is it to get to create a successful buisness

How hard is it to create a business in a field that is already created and established and make a successful career out of it #business #career #entrepreneur #finance #college

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Aug 14, 2018 506 views

Exactly what steps do i need to take to persue a career as a train conductor for the Maryland Transit Administration

#transportation #subwayconductors #marylandtransitadministration

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Apr 03, 2018 684 views

What is an employer looking for in a new employee?

I want to know what employers are looking for so i have everything prepared for when I go for an interview. (esp. in the Heavy Equipment Operators field) #career #construction #engineering

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Apr 11, 2018 767 views

If PPE is provided and i choose not too wear it what would the punishment be?

#career #construction #engineering

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Mar 29, 2018 625 views

What kind of PPE is required and if the PPE is not worn what is the punishment?

PPE is a necessity for safety #construction #career #injury-prevention #workplace-injury-prevention #engineering

Dayne’s Avatar
Dayne Feb 06, 2018 843 views

What career would suite my interests?

Hi everyone, I am 24 years old and have completed many courses, traveled and worked a few jobs. I now want to start studying towards a #degree but I have no idea what degree field to study. To get a degree in South Africa is expensive so I want to make the right choice. My interests...

William’s Avatar
William Jan 20, 2018 746 views

Which is more important when looking for a job, college GPA or Interships in your specific field?

When a company is looking to hire somebody, would they put more weight into college gpa, or internships that somebody has had that is relevant to the job? #scholarship #internship #gpa #college #student #business #ceo