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Shamma Sep 29 109 views

Is it better to major in Graphic Design or to independently learn it from online resources?

I want to learn graphic design and develop my skills, but is it worth going to university for it? I've seen a lot of videos about free online resources to learn it.

Zaraya’s Avatar
Zaraya Sep 27 238 views

How can you get a job permit ?

How to become an entrepreneur so for business from home who would you do it if you’re not educated on it or have had anyone try to show it, and how do you get a job permit?

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Aug 27 219 views

How do i figure out what i want to do as a job?

I'm interested in artsy things

sebastian’s Avatar
sebastian Aug 09 205 views

how long does it take to be good at making art?

i feel like ive started too late in learning a new skill. there are many artist who can make amazing drawing or animations that are 5 years younger than me i feel like i started to late. so how long will it take me to get better?

Brittney’s Avatar
Brittney Jul 27 126 views

How do I become an entrepreneur?

How did you get your business up and running? What I mean is: who was there to help you start your business? How do I find why I want to start a business, like what was my inspiration? Or what's the hardest thing about being self-employed? How can I build clientele if I don't have any? What...

Cassius’s Avatar
Cassius Jul 20 283 views

What is your most valuable soft skill?

Entrepreneurs, what is your most valuable soft skill?

Jc’s Avatar
Jc Jun 20 110 views

When making a fashion design, where do you get your inspiration? I feel like when I design I have no ideas or inspiration.

I like designing dresses and graphic tees but I don’t know where to get inspiration from.

amelia’s Avatar
amelia Jun 10 371 views

what is the best college in kentucky for graphic design majors?

what colleges in kentucky are best for people looking to major in graphic design? this is what i want to pursue in college and as a career and im looking for lots of opinions

Bella’s Avatar
Bella May 30 247 views

How do you turn an in home bakery into a real bakery?

I am in 8th grade. I have recently started a cookie cake business, Bella's Custom Cookie Cakes. I am currently baking cakes in my house. In the future, I would like to have a bakery. What steps should I take to grow my business?

Jayia’s Avatar
Jayia May 28 167 views

What I wanna do after high school ?

I’m currently in 7th grade going on to 8th and I’ve already got my future planned ahead of me I want to be a cosmetologist or a fashion designer I’m working on my self and my future!
I have hobby’s like doing hair and painting, singing ,I got to dance school and I’m working on that too!

Ema’s Avatar
Ema May 18 201 views

How might i go about starting my own buisness and/or publishing books and sticking to one project if I'm neurodivergent?

My dream future is owning a live in bookstore that is kind of like a cat cafe except with added books and more animals and to become an author however i am nerodivergent and have an extremely hard time sticking with one project before moving on to another any tips on how to get out of this...

Fabrice’s Avatar
Fabrice May 10 105 views

What are The Pros and cons of working for your own business ?

My Name is Fabrice and Im 18 Years old

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Apr 27 216 views

How do I become an illustrator?

I am currently a high school student who is about to start a bachelor's in communications in the fall. I don't know if a communications degree is relevant to illustration and art, but I have always wondered about the possibilities of working in something creative like this. How could I become...

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Apr 11 201 views

How to build an art portfolio?

What should be included? When will I need it?

Sonya’s Avatar
Sonya Apr 09 263 views

What are the unspoken challenges of the journey of becoming a graphic designer?

Hey there, I am about to graduate next year, and I was just wondering what it takes to become a graphic designer. For example, is it possible to become a graphic designer with not going to school, or art school vs. regular school for receiving the education.