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What can I do to get ready for a culinary arts school?

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Emily’s Answer

How to prepare for school?

Relax! You're going there to learn. It's great to be excited and to look into the kinds of things you are curious about, maybe know what questions you want to ask- but attending classes is going to open up new opportunities and ideas to you. Maybe you find things you love doing that you didn't think you'd be interested in before schooling.

Make sure you are prepared for the first day of class though- anything the school has asked you to purchase or read, do so! and it always helps to be a little early to classes. Chefs like cooks who are on time, so make sure you are practicing to be ready when you walk in the door to class every day- just as you would for your job.

Dylan’s Answer

Hi Isaiah,

To get ready for a culinary arts school, I would recommend immersing yourself in all aspects of the cooking world. The best way to understand if you enjoy doing something is to just try it first, and the restaurant industry is a great opportunity to put yourself out there and try something you enjoy. If you already work in the industry or have experience, that's great! You're on the right track. There are lots of opportunities for chefs and other culinary professionals to work outside of the restaurant industry and I'd recommend thinking broadly about what exactly you'd like to try next, and figure out a way to make it work financially. You may want to try to start a kale-specialty restaurant, but try to think realistically about how many people in your area would want to eat there! Good luck in your culinary career!