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Need some advises and some ideas about how pediatric work & how they build up to there average of skills. #pediatrics #pediatrician

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Naiara’s Answer

Hello there,

I am not a pediatrician, but I can give you an overview of what being a pediatrician means (if that is your question...?). Pediatrics is a sub-specialty within medicine. In order to do pediatrics (as a doctor), you have to complete college, 4 years of medical school, and 3 years of pediatric residency. Basically, you would be a doctor specialized in treating kids from when they are born until 18-21 y/o. You can be a general pediatrician, who see kids for their regular check up and monitor/follow them through their growth and treat acute diseases (like a cold, fever, rash); or you could sub-specialize within pediatrics and focus on caring for specific organ systems, such as the heart (cardiologist), skin (dermatologist), brain/nerve (neurologist), etc. You can also choose a career in pediatric surgery.

There are other ways you could work in pediatrics. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are two other careers that can provide health care to children. Physical therapist also can specialize in pediatrics and work with children in rehabilitation.

I hope this is somewhat helpful :)