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Jashmeet’s Avatar
Jashmeet Jan 26, 2019 1366 views

Will you be able to work while studying neurosurgery

Like a nurse or any profession in the medical field. #medicine #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #med-school #neurosurgery #surgery #neuroscience #neurology

danna’s Avatar
danna Sep 23, 2019 431 views

as a plastic surgeon, What would be a reasonable salary range to expect? What is the long-term potential

high school student looking into becoming a plastic surgeon #premed #doctor #medicine #surgeon #surgery

danna’s Avatar
danna Sep 24, 2019 652 views

are there any negatives to being a dermatologist?

a high school student considering the option of becoming a dermatologist
#premed #doctor #medicine #dermatologists

danna’s Avatar
danna Sep 25, 2019 840 views

What is the advancement potential in the orthopedic surgery field? What is a typical path?

a high school student considering following the path of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. #surgery #doctor #medicine #orthopedic #surgery #premed

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Aug 18, 2018 857 views

How Much Education Would You Need to be a Dermatologist?

My name is Christina .A, and I am an 8th grader at Pikeville High School in Pikeville, KY. I know I am very young, but I am interested in the field of dermatology. I do science academics and I am in a Verizon Innovative Camp. I am wondering how much education you need to be a dermatologist....

Muhammad’s Avatar
Muhammad Aug 30, 2018 653 views

How many interns and students can over watch a doctor?

In my mind, I would suppose that a group of 10 or more people would follow around doctors to learn new and innovative things. #doctor #professor #medicine

Taya’s Avatar
Taya Aug 28, 2018 910 views

Is it worth putting all the time and money into going to medical school?

I am debating either becoming a medical doctor or a PA. I want the pay and title of a doctor. However, I also am not sure I want to spend all the time and money for the education of becoming one. #doctor #doctorate-degree #phd #student-loans #medicine #doctors

Jocelyn’s Avatar
Jocelyn Aug 31, 2018 623 views

Would it be most beneficial to study for the MCAT while being enrolled in college or after graduation?

I’m planning on going to medical school after I graduate from college. I was wondering if I should study for the MCAT while being enrolled or after graduating since there’s a lot going on while being enrolled in college. However, I’m afraid on how one or the other may affect my scores. I may...

Aileen’s Avatar
Aileen Sep 19, 2018 634 views

I would like to be a Physician Anesthesiologist, what do you recommend I do?

Medical school
#doctor #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

Ariana’s Avatar
Ariana Oct 20, 2016 985 views

I want to work in a hospital. How will I apply after I get my ph.d?

I want to be a neurologist that works in a hospital? #doctor #doctorate-degree #hospital-and-health-care #neuroscience #neurology #medicine

abigail’s Avatar
abigail Jan 10, 2018 620 views

How many years in total after your bachelors do you need to accomplish to become a medical doctor?

i find the study of medicine very interesting but the amount of time and money required seems a bit much, so i was wondering the amount total needed. #medical-doctor #time-needed

Briana’s Avatar
Briana Jan 12, 2018 761 views

How many years in total would it take to become an Emergency Physician?

#medicine #erdoctor #hospital #healthcare

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Jan 15, 2018 692 views

How long would it take to become a pediatrician?

I am going to study at my home town and hopefully work here as well. But I’m afraid of what I can do while going to college since it will cause me to start my life much later. #medicine #doctor

Yolanda’s Avatar
Yolanda Jan 16, 2018 529 views

Roughly how much money would you spend on schooling if you wanted to become a #doctor?

I want to become a #doctor.

Harley’s Avatar
Harley Jan 21, 2018 782 views

What jobs can I get as a medical student?

I plan on becoming a forensic pathologist, which takes a very, very long time. I'd like to know what kind of jobs I can get at certain levels of my college education. I'd like good money, so I can start paying off student loans early. Thank you! #medical-practice #student-loans...