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JEE Advanced preparation tips?

Want to know about last minute #preparation tips for JEE Advanced? #exams #studying #academic-advising

For preparing <a href="https://www.eduncle.com/jee-advanced-exam">JEE Advanced 2018</a> , Aspirants needs to have a deep knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Candidates need to perform better than JEE Main Exam to get cleared this exam. Revision is one of the most essential thing for preparing JEE Advanced. Stay away from the chapters which you have not done in past stages. Start preparing with one of your favourite subject. Know about your weak and strong areas and practice regular on the topics which are taking more time. ishaan R.

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3 answers

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Nand’s Answer

Well I suppose there can't be one perfect answer for this as preparation methods varies from person to person but here are few ways which might be of help-

1. Forget about your results when you are preparing for the test. Just focus on learning concepts.

2. No matter what, have a good sound sleep(min 6 hours.).

3. If the subject is more theoretical then try to jot down points(5-10) and use them to elaborate your answers in the test.

4.Don't set unnecessary expectations from the test rather just be confident and try to give your best.

5. Revision is a good practice, so do periodic revision.

6. Self assessment is another important factor, it tells you where you stand and in which areas you need improvement, so buckle up yourself for mock test and give it in exam like environment.

7. We often tend to ignore the result of our mock test, that is something very bad, you should give enough time to review your mistakes and make plans to overcome them in next mock.

8. Taking breaks can boost your performance as it will keep you relaxed and focused, so don't just sit for long hours reading.

9. Do group studies and make it impactful.

10. You are the best person to judge yourself where you are wasting time and try to reduce it as much as you can.

11. Last but not the least, have believe and faith in yourself that you can do it.

Happy learning and I hope you will achieve your goal. :)

All the best :)

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Rahul’s Answer

Here is the STRATEGY first.

1> NCERT Books: Well even if you think you have studied well for boards and you are clear with your concepts, you need to read the NCERT books again. See having a fresh base and a strong grip on concepts is always going to help you, when you start preparing at the JEE level.

2> Question banks: Of course you need some books after reading your NCERT books for reaching the JEE level. So these are the books which i used and i recommend.
o Math: Arihant and Cengage Publication, KC Sinha, ML Khanna
o Physics: NCERT, Resnick Halliday, HC Verma, DC Pandey
o Chemistry: NCERT, NCERT example

3> Previous year papers: After you have completely solved all these books, it’s best if you can start solving the previous year paper. You have already got a lot stronger at your concepts and question solving without noticing. So it will be best if you can get familiar with some questions that have been asked previously.

4> Mock tests: After solving the previous year papers, you need to solve some mock tests to get a practice of a lot of questions before the exam. So solve as many mock tests as possible.
Here are SOME TIPS that might help.
• Analyze your mistakes after every mock test.
• Solve all your doubts as soon as you have them.
• You can use Doubtnut for that. It’s a doubt clearing app.
• Leave SOCIAL MEDIA for an year.
• Do not give up.
• Make a good revision plan which is least time consuming.
• Make a list of all the formulas and tricks.
• Practice math for at least 2 hours everyday.
• Do not run from chemistry.

Here are some MISTAKES i made:
• Chemistry wasn’t my strong point. There were some easy questions which i couldn’t solve or else, i could have scored full in chemistry.
• I left math for a week in my preparation. I think that broke the link and i was a little confused while attempting math.
• I couldn’t stay calm between the papers 1 and 2. That’s something important too.

I think all this should help you to score well. All the best.

I hope you do get a rank below 100.

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Pranjali’s Answer

1. Study well in class 11th. Most people don't understand the importance of 11th and end up screwing it.
2. Study regularly , along with revising periodically the syllabus.
3. Start giving the mock test 7-8 months before your exam.
4. Prepare well for boards.
5. Form study groups