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What happens if you're not really sure on what you want to do?

I'm not sure if I want to be a teacher #college #career #career-choice

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4 answers

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Marilyn’s Answer

When I went to college I was not sure what I wanted to do either, and I was pretty sure I did not want to be a teacher. I was interested in artistic fields like decorating or fashion, but I wanted to have a base from which I would be able to start. I decided to major in home economics which gave me experience with my interests, but I decided to minor in education so I could have another option. When it became time to decide, I chose to do my practice teaching, and from there I met the counselor at the school where I worked and decided then and there that I wanted to be a school counselor. I went on to earn my master's degree and counseling certification, worked in the schools for 25 years, became an administrator and supervised school counselors, and after retirement have had a private counseling practice. Look at your interests and if you know anyone who has pursued something in that area as a career, check with them. Remember, most people do not remain in the same job all their lives, so be open to try new things. Summer jobs, internships can all be good ways to learn about careers.

Best of luck,

Marilyn Lowry

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John’s Answer

If you don't know what you want to do, you are just like most everyone else. Few people are blessed with the foresight and understanding to just fall into what it is that best suits them for their lives. For everyone else we have to try things, learn about the world around us, see how things work out for other people, experiment and I know this is a bad word, but we fail! I joined the military because it gave me possibilities. I met lots of people, traveled the world, learned a lot of different things and have had many successes and failures. If your not sure on what to do, you should find a mentor, gain some experiences, travel and embrace failure for the education it gives you.

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Kim’s Answer

You have been given some honest thoughts and guidance already. Another thought would be to evaluate your natural strengths as a starting point. Most often this will lead you in the right direction. I like StrengthsFinder. I took the assessment in the middle of my career, so the results answered a lot of questions for me. If you take it before you embark on your career, I believe it can serve as a guide for your career path.

Best of luck!

Kim recommends the following next steps:

Explore StrengthsFinder or other similar programs.
Take the assessment and utilize the report as a tool when making decisions on your major and or career.
Periodically review the report to stay on track with your strengths.

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Raven’s Answer

Hey Sarah,

Well muffin you are not the only person that doesn't know what they want to study when entering college or what they want to do. That's perfectly fine, you have time to figure that out and my advice is total all your Gen Eds first, Gen Eds are General education classes like history, english, math, science and other courses that fall under that description. While doing that research what courses you think you'll be interested in. College is the best place to find your true interest and passions. Good Luck!!