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I don't know which college/university to go to.

Updated Arlington, Virginia

I don't know which college or university to go to where I can be the best I can be. I want to major in architecture but I want to find the best colleges and universities to go to.

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Jennifer’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas
Hi, Jesus! The "best" university for you will have the programs, opportunities, and atmosphere that you prioritize as your top choices in what you're looking to get out of your undergraduate experience. Self-assessments such as a personality type, learning style, and multiple intelligences are available free online. If you haven't already, you might take one of each of these tests and get some insight into your strengths and weaknesses, ways you learn, and to what interests you are naturally drawn. Together, I think this additional information about yourself will help guide you in your quest. If you know that architecture is your true love, research institutions that have accredited architecture programs. Be sure to understand the difference between the various programs offered. Each program has its strengths based on the faculty and their areas of expertise. For the schools you're interested in, look at their degree programs (i.e. the required and optional coursework) to determine if it appeals to you. Who are the faculty? Do you like his/her style of design? Depending on your year in high school, these introspective reflections will help you with your college applications as well as your potential college list. Good luck! #undecided #architecture