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How do music producers get their name out there and work with well known artist?

I am a songwriter and would like to branch into music producing so I can experience other aspects of working with different artists. As a songwriter its been a little difficult to have a wide range of artists to work with and I would like to know how producers do that. #music-production #producing #songwriting

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2 answers

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Alex’s Answer

Working with big names is all about a few things in the following order of importance...

1) Networking - You need to live where the big names are. You need to meet the other people who work with or for them (other producers, writers, engineers, label A&R, etc.). And you need to treat everyone with respect, not just the "important" people. If you are pleasant to be around, everyone will be far more open to working with you, and also far more likely to speak of you in a positive light in the presence of others.

2) Discipline - This is #2 because all the discipline in the world won't get you a meeting with a known artist if you don't have a connection to that artist. Discipline means years of dedication to #1 and of course to your craft and working with unknown artists, building them up and learning what it truly means to be a good producer on all levels. The most successful people work a LOT and aren't watching a bunch of TV or out partying often. Time is precious when countless other upcoming producers want to work with the same artists you do. Discipline also means always persevering through a sea of rejection, never letting up on your passion.

3) Talent - Having a recognizable talent that stands above the crowd is fantastic and basically a given prerequisite here. With that said, in entertainment, the people with connections and unflinching dedication to success will beat those with more talent every time. But your talent is what truly prepares you to function as expected once your discipline and networking eventually place you in your dream scenario(s).

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Israel’s Answer


The simple answer is: " working with unknown artists and helping them become known". We do that by consistently producing to the best of our ability without cutting corners; by making well informed decisions regarding studios, equipment, arrangers, musicians, etc and no giving in to the temptation of calling your friends for the sake of friendship to do the work (if they are good, by all means called them... they are the people you trust); by keeping ourselves updated on trends, both musical and technological, so that our best is always getting better and setting a higher standard for ourselves; by working honestly and responsibly. Every time you deliver a product that was produced this way you increase your chances. And then sprinkle it all with a little luck... or actually serendipity. Someone will notice your work and call you...!!!

Good luck in all your endeavors.