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Israel Tanenbaum

Founder & CEO at Latinbaum Records & Latinbaum International Publishing (ASCAP)
Management Occupations - Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
Redwood City, California
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Hector’s Avatar
Hector Jan 10, 2023 319 views

What are the most vital steps someone should take to prepare to take the career of audio engineering technician?

I am curious what are the most important life steps I should take to prepare myself physically and mentally to be a good audio technical engineer.

Andre’s Avatar
Andre Feb 23, 2022 786 views

What is a good home studio setup?

I am looking for a good home studio setup but don't really know what to get so what do you think is a good starter setup #music #producer

Minky’s Avatar
Minky Sep 16, 2021 444 views

Do you work extra hours at home in order to be successful at work?

I am interested in music production but not sure what other areas there are. #music

Stephan’s Avatar
Stephan May 11, 2021 1098 views

Does a audio engineer travel a lot around the world?

Outgoing #music career

Millenia’s Avatar
Millenia Jan 10, 2018 916 views

How do music producers get their name out there and work with well known artist?

I am a songwriter and would like to branch into music producing so I can experience other aspects of working with different artists. As a songwriter its been a little difficult to have a wide range of artists to work with and I would like to know how producers do that. #music-production...

Sergio Ulices’s Avatar
Sergio Ulices Jan 22, 2018 663 views

How successful is the music production/sound engineering field?

How successful is the music production/sound engineering field? My brother is heading into the 3d modeling field for animated features and video games but commented that not many people enter that field so more often than not people find jobs with ease for 3d modeling. I was wondering if this...

Viviana’s Avatar
Viviana Jan 10, 2018 738 views

Is it true that musicians have a higher chance of entering medical school?

I am a pianist in high school who is interested in becoming a doctor and I would like to know if this is true. #doctor #music #medicine #college

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Jan 22, 2018 740 views

How do I decide what I want to do all my life?

I've always had several different interests that don't relate to one another necessarily. I'm interested in writing, music, psychology, dermatology, being a public figure, acting, and art, among several other things. The thing is, I don't like one any more than another. Doing all at the same...

Keyri’s Avatar
Keyri Mar 22, 2017 961 views

How much would you spend in making your studio if you do want to get into music production?

I'm asking this question because i'm in high school and thinking about starting my music production career.Since, i'm in choir it really has influenced me too to get into sore type of music career.I know that it's gonna take hard work and dedication to start ,but i'm willing to do it. #music...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica May 13, 2016 1238 views

How do I advance in composing?

I want to compose, but I don't know how to get my product out there. Yes, I know I must promote myself, but how do I start? Where should I live to be paid for composing? #music #music-composing #composer

Tanner’s Avatar
Tanner May 13, 2016 840 views

How do I best make sure I am understood and not argued with when I give instructions?

I was in a situation where someone was expecting me to pay them when I knew they weren't getting paid all along and I thought they knew too. We did not part as friends. How do I prevent more situations like this from happening where there is such a disconnect and misunderstanding? #music

Allison’s Avatar
Allison May 24, 2016 1393 views

Is majoring in business management the biggest mistake I could make?

My plan right now it to be an event planner, but I and straying from majoring in hospitality because my dream school doesn't offer that major. Though I have the hopes of possibly opening my own venue one day, is it a huge mistake to major in business management? #business #management...

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Mar 01, 2016 1379 views

How can I become a music producer?

Thank you in advance for your advice. #music #music-production

lauryn’s Avatar
lauryn Mar 02, 2016 1089 views

What majors would I need to look into if I were interested in being a producer and art director.

I am currently a high school senior and I am interested in music, art , and media. I am not set on being a producer and art director, but it had been suggested to me and I am considering it. I would like to know if there are any specific majors I should be seeking and also any other careers...

Leigh’s Avatar
Leigh Mar 24, 2015 3565 views

What does a record producer do, how much do they make, and is it a good start- up job for someone who likes music and art?

I am very interested in record production and I really want to know what it is like to be one. #music-recording #record-labels