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What is the daily life of a computer technician?

Updated Daly City, California

Currently, I am an 11th grader in high school and am wondering what it is like being a computer technician because I am currently looking for different career options in the field of technology and computers.
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2 answers

Marcos’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

Agreed that there are many different types of work available in the I.T. / computer technician field. When I was in college I worked for the I.T. department and in the computer lab. It involved a lot of answering questions when people called in (maybe their computer was slow, maybe problems printing, etc) and I learned a lot about troubleshooting and being patient when helping stressed out people solve a problem.

I also took classes in computer networking. If I had followed that career path it would have involved a lot more traveling to various sites to physically install networking hardware and cables, as well as learning how to run diagnostics on existing equipment.

My current job (which some would call a "computer technician" job) I work from an office and my team & I are responsible for configuring the software and code running on my company's computers, but I only work with servers over the internet. Another company installs our servers in a data center for us.

So give a few courses a try and think more about whether it seems more interesting to you to help other people get their tech working, whether you're interested in working on an office or traveling to sites, and whether it seems cool to work with hardware or solve problems with code!

Satyajeet’s Answer

Updated Washington

Hello. This is a great but very broad question. In the field of computer or I.T. (Information technology), there are 10,s or 100s of professions. The answer to the question you asked depends on what you meant by "Computer Technician"?. You can be more specific by narrowing down to - Computer Hardware Technician, Software Engineer, Cyber Security Engineer, Database Administrator etc.

Satyajeet recommends the following next steps:

  • Please refer to IT job sites to narrow the titles you are interested in knowing about.