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Should I go to an Art School or take up a creative profession if I know that there is a very low chance of me succeeding and making a living?

I'm asking this because I want to try to get into an Art school because most of the things that I do and am interested in are mainly based on creativity and also a lot of my hobbies but I'm not sure if I am able to gain the skills that I need nor will I have the ingenuity that people look for in those subjects.

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2 answers

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Monique’s Answer

HI Jazmine! i like Paul's answer and I will add more.
Only some fields in art are lower paying or have a low chance success...at the beginning, for example selling paintings as a newb.

Almost every industry has a creative department. Think about adverting (commercial illustrations, logo design, ad design), learning design and presentations, gaming, entertainment, technology (user design), jewelry design, i can think of many more. Some industries (think technology) pay VERY well.

If you are truly interested in a field that is low paying, you will still be doing what you love, which in return, you will do well and be successful- because you love what you do! OR you can do a different creative job to pay the bills and do other creative (low paying) jobs on the side, think selling on etsy.

I highly recommend art school though. They will give you a broad range of art capabilities and a sold foundation, like Paul said. That training is still with me today and very valuable!

Monique recommends the following next steps:

Art is foundational and will teach you the skills you need. Go to Art School.
Almost ALL industries require creatives like yourself, some are high paying, other not so much. Broaden your search.

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Paul A’s Answer

Hi Jazmine! Interesting question! Seems to me if the Art school admits you they are validating your assessment of you being creative and talented. If you are smart enough to complete the training. You now have a solid skill set foundation, more confidence and will be able to consider options opportunities and fields you previously didn't see as possibilities! See this as a process and journey not a destination. Inch by inch life's a cinch. Yard by hard makes it harder! Its a process enjoy the journey. We already know you are ambitious on and your way to a great adventure. You are blessed! You know what areas excite you! Trust that! The best! :-)