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Jazmine Jan 10, 2018 944 views

What are some tips and suggestions to becoming a professional Photographer or Videographer?

I am a junior in high school and ever since I was little I had been interested in Photography and Videography (Probably because I grew up in a family of Photographers). Though I had been trying to get more and more into these two subjects because I usually like being able to capture the...

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Jazmine Jan 10, 2018 640 views

Should I go to an Art School or take up a creative profession if I know that there is a very low chance of me succeeding and making a living?

I'm asking this because I want to try to get into an Art school because most of the things that I do and am interested in are mainly based on creativity and also a lot of my hobbies but I'm not sure if I am able to gain the skills that I need nor will I have the ingenuity that people look for...