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What job position would be fit for a introvert person in the medical field ?

I'm in year 10 and interested in going into the medical field but I'm not really a fan of being with people for a expanded period of time so I was wondering what jobs I could do if I join the medical field.
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2 answers

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Mark’s Answer

In medicine there are specialties and parts of specialties that do not interact with the public as much or at all. Some medical specialties like radiology may have varying degrees of interaction with patients, from few if any to a good number daily. Pathology is another area that has little interaction with patients. Research is another option that many enjoy. Information Technology and Data Science have become a very important part of medicine and is growing and developing very rapidly.

Mark recommends the following next steps:

As you explore your interests in the medical field and get more experience (through volunteering or entry jobs), keep your eyes open for people that are introverts and that have a personality similar to yours and see what jobs they enjoy.

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Sarah’s Answer

Hi Val,
There are a lot of jobs within the medical field that you can have a great impact in being an introvert! I would think through options like data science, biology, accounting, and research where you can be working with computers or in the hospital doing research. These roles are vital to health care and also don't require days full of human interaction!