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Val Mar 21, 2018 738 views

Is having a strong work ethic and be very skilled at time management: would that guarantee me a successful career in cosmetology?

#cosmetology #future #skills #strengths #hair-stylist #hairdressers #makeup-artist #makeup #career

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Val Jan 25, 2018 725 views

Does cosmetology come up to talent or education?

I want to become a cosmetology but I wanna know if talent will make or break it.
#cosmetology #makeup-artist #makeup

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Val Jan 12, 2018 788 views

What job position would be fit for a introvert person in the medical field ?

I'm in year 10 and interested in going into the medical field but I'm not really a fan of being with people for a expanded period of time so I was wondering what jobs I could do if I join the medical field.
#medical-practice #medcine #career-path #job-market