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Does cosmetology come up to talent or education?

I want to become a cosmetology but I wanna know if talent will make or break it.
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1 answer

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Carole’s Answer


Cosmetology can be a great career and one that you can keep working until you don't want to anymore.
To answer your question about whether you need talent or education, my answer would be that you need some of both. So I will explain why I said that! First of all you need some classes to be able to get you Cosmetology License to work with hair and make-up, and there are several schools out there that do a good job with the teaching. I was an image consultant for several years and I took some courses through the company that I worked for and learned a lot about applying make-up and working with color of what you wear and what colors are good for you regarding your face. I did get some good information and also a certification after I attend classes. My mother was a cosmetologist for many years and she became licensed and every year even if she didn't work much she would renew her license so that she could work if she wanted to. So education can be very important to this job. Talent is another thought, because your talent is usually in your DNA, but also remember that learning can give your talent a nudge and make you better at what you think you want to do . That is why I said that you need both, along with having the desire and interest in the field.

I would like to suggest a few things for you to do to make sure this is what you want:
1. Take a few classes and get a better idea of what this career entails.
2. If you know someone who is in this career, ask if you can shadow them at work to get some hands on experience of the real world. Also interview this person with your questions about this career, both Pros and Cons about their job.
3. Research the Cosmetology schools and go in and ask your questions before you sign up. Get that feeling that this is the right school for you!!


Thank you comment icon Thank you for replying, the information was helpful. Val