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How much preparation should a student have for going into their planned major?

I have experience in my planned major but I'm not certain how much is enough when planning to apply. #forensic-chemistry #forensic-investigation #forensics #college #college-major

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2 answers

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Greg’s Answer

Your first step here is great. Research and talk to those in the field both new and Experienced. Depending upon what major you have will help determine what preparation she would need to be prepared for an advantage to get into the college of your choice.

Greg recommends the following next steps:

Determine your field of study both broad and narrowed results.
Talk to those in the field of study and actually sit down or spend the day if able to with them.
Make a pros and cons list of things for your chosen field such as 1) big city or small town 2) years of schooling and costs 3) prospective openings for this field

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Richard’s Answer

Any high school education will be a great step towards starting your major in college. If you start with introductory courses in the basics of your major, you will be well prepared for any classes you need to take.