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How hard is balancing social and school life in college?

I'm pretty worried that in entering college I will get lost in the school aspect of things as I try to maintain good grades and I won't make a bunch of friends. #college #balance #time-management

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2 answers

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Thomas J.’s Answer

Brin, it sounds to me that you have your priorities in order. Congratulations! Your recognition that the social life that is available as you begin to manage your own life reflects well on your sense of responsibility. If you were to picture your life as a circle (360*), your primary concern, the academics, should certainly take up about half (180*) of it. The rest should be dedicated to Rest& Relaxation. Since we're told that we need 7-8 hours of rest each night to support optimum performance that would leave about4-5 hours to build our social life. Now, each day does not fall in line and is not reproducible like something out of a cookie cutter; however, using time management tools of your choice, you can employ this information to schedule your activities. Most of your social activities should be scheduled for the week ends, ending on Sunday night at about 7-9 PM, so that you can set the stage for the coming week. These recommendations are offered as the experience I had in school after much trial and painful error. Please accept my congratulations and hope that your collegiate experience is both intellectually fulfilling and socially exciting.

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Rebecca’s Answer

Everyone has the same 24 hours. It really depends on how your prioritize the tasks and activities everyday. All of us cannot live alone. Social life is also part of your college live and you have to have classmates together to complete projects & group assignments.

Another important element of college life is extra curricular activities. This also give you good exposure for networking and organize activities.

I would suggest below :

1. List down the activities / tasks you have to attend or accomplish and how long it would take.
2 Prioritize these activities / tasks
3. Put the high priority big tasks /activities ( i.e. the one taking longest time) your weekly schedule first
4. Put the high priority small tasks / activities into your schedule where it fits

Hope this help!