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Does a person with a Business degree get a better chance to be hired?

I've heard that people with a degree in business management have a better chance at getting management jobs. Is this true? I'm thinking about majoring in Business Management and minoring in Writing. #management #business

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Does a person with a business degree have a better chance to be hired? The answer depends on what type of company you want to work for and what you want to do for them.

Large companies tend to like business degree graduates because the company knows they are getting young talent that has a foundation of business language and practice. These companies can then develop that talent to suit the needs of their business. As a result, these companies can simplify their candidate search by giving priority to graduates with business degrees.

Per you comment on specifically getting "management jobs", companies generally focus on developing talent into managers as opposed to hiring managers straight out of school.

Your background and interest in business and writing could be a compelling combination. This path could help you explore opportunities ranging from research and business analysis to marketing, communications, and strategy.

Keep in mind, there are other degrees especially in today's changing environment that open doors to employment. These degrees include computer science, data analytics, engineering, etc. In some cases these non-"business degrees" are in more demand than many other degrees.

This professional recommends the following next steps:

  • When you start University mix business classes in with your general education so you will have more time to decide what business classes interest you the most
  • Spend time with your on-campus career development group to understand what companies interview at your university and what those companies are looking for.
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