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Sarah Jan 13, 2018 812 views

Does a person with a Business degree get a better chance to be hired?

I've heard that people with a degree in business management have a better chance at getting management jobs. Is this true? I'm thinking about majoring in Business Management and minoring in Writing. #management #business

Steven’s Avatar
Steven Apr 01, 2017 1115 views

Should i only take marketing internship for a marketing major?

I am currently majoring in Marketing. I am planning to do summer internships. Should i apply for other types of internships (like finance or sales) other than marketing? or should i just stick to marketing internships? If i should apply for others, what internship should i apply for that would...

Lilian’s Avatar
Lilian Dec 20, 2016 1145 views

What career can I land with a busniess degree?

I am currently majoring in business and many people around me as well. Even though I am majoring in business, many family members and friends around me don't agree with me pursuing this major. The most common reason is "You won't find a job." #business #career-counseling #career-choice...

Abbas’s Avatar
Abbas Sep 28, 2016 1120 views

How important are grades/GPA for obtaining a job in this field?

how much of a difference does a good or bad GPA make when applying for a job
#computer #management #marketing #com

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jul 04, 2016 1014 views

Which business undergraduate degree gives the most choices for careers after graduation?

I am interested in the business field. #business #career #college-major

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis May 20, 2016 1152 views

How do I get an internship?

I am going into the field of business and I would like to get more information about what I am entering into. #business #internships

Allison’s Avatar
Allison May 24, 2016 1313 views

Is majoring in business management the biggest mistake I could make?

My plan right now it to be an event planner, but I and straying from majoring in hospitality because my dream school doesn't offer that major. Though I have the hopes of possibly opening my own venue one day, is it a huge mistake to major in business management? #business #management...

Sheyenne’s Avatar
Sheyenne May 26, 2016 1187 views

Do you have any advice on proper interviewing techniques?

What are some good questions to ask a potential employee to determine if they are a good match for the job? #business #management #manager #executive

davante’s Avatar
davante Jun 22, 2016 1010 views

how much do you make being a stockbroker

I am asking because I want to become a stockbroker #business #stocks