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Lilian Dec 23, 2016 835 views

Is it a good choice to go to grad school for business?

I really don't enjoy the idea of being in school for a couple more years after undergrad but many people around me say that grad school is a good investment. Should I think about it? #business

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Lilian Dec 23, 2016 1012 views

What is a good specialization for business for someone who gets bored easily?

I get bored easily but I also really like business, so it would be great if anyone could provide some advice on how I can further my studies without being bored. #business

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Lilian Dec 23, 2016 7949 views

What's is a good minor that goes well with business?

I really want to explore other fields and I possibly would want to minor in a subject that can compliment my business major. #business

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Lilian Dec 23, 2016 818 views

What kind of companies can I work for with a business degree?

I want to know the range of the types of companies that I can work for. For example, would a company like Dropbox or Facebook hire someone with a business degree? Thanks! #business

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Lilian Dec 23, 2016 760 views

How difficult is it to get a job with a business degree?

Is it really competitive to get a job since there are so many other people with business degrees as well? I am a little worried about looking for jobs in the future and want some additional advice on job-searching. #business

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Lilian Dec 20, 2016 1192 views

What career can I land with a busniess degree?

I am currently majoring in business and many people around me as well. Even though I am majoring in business, many family members and friends around me don't agree with me pursuing this major. The most common reason is "You won't find a job." #business #career-counseling #career-choice...