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What is a good specialization for business for someone who gets bored easily?

Asked Rockville, Maryland

I get bored easily but I also really like business, so it would be great if anyone could provide some advice on how I can further my studies without being bored. #business

4 answers

Donald’s Answer

Updated Paoli, Pennsylvania

If you bore easily, perhaps being in a position where problems come to you from different directions may bring some satisfaction. If Patrick is right and you tend to be a generalist, you might consider positions that involve operations and/or customer service. The great thing about these positions is that it's rare that any two problems are the same and the solutions really need to be tailored to the specific problems. And, It takes a person with a broad breadth of understanding of the business to be successful in these positions. Feedback comes vary quickly in these positions and you generally know if your solutions are successful (or not) very quickly. Having a broad base of background with practical experience in many areas of the business you're involved with also sets you up for leadership positions in the future. That said, you do have to learn with each problem....and you can mess up.....just don't mess up on the same problem twice. These positions will also give you a chance to observe your company from a view that many on the "business" side may not have. It is indeed important to be able to differentiate yourself in the resource marketplace. One of the first management positions I held was in a national operations center. It was very hard work and the focus of upper management was not always on the success stories. However when it came time to pick leaders for the future, the operations center became a primary resource. Hope this helps and Good luck, Don Knapik

Patrick’s Answer

Updated Kirkland, Washington

Great question! I think about this as a matter of generalists vs. specialists.

Some people find a topic they love more than anything else (physics, poetry, gardening, marketing, etc) and want to master it. So they spend all their time learning about it. Let's call these people specialists.

Other people are interested in many things, but get bored when they try to go too deep on any one topic. Let's call these people generalists.

The good news is that both types of people can be very successful!

It sounds like you might be a generalist, so let's focus there. If you're a generalist, one of the best things you can do is stack skills and find links between different types of knowledge. Let's say you're interested in business. You may not be interested in learning everything there is to know about marketing, but you can explore it a little bit. Then you can learn a little bit about business strategy, management, accounting, etc (these are all just examples.) Over time, you'll be building a stack of skills that become quite valuable. You're flexible and you're always open to learning more. You're not the best marketer, but no "master marketer" will have your unique blend of skills.

Second, as you build your skill stack, you can learn how different areas of knowledge fit together. A marketer who also gets strategy and understands how to manage people can accomplish far more than someone who just knows marketing. And as you build these knowledge links, something amazing happens - you change the way you think about problems. You get better and more flexible.

So how do you do this? Just love to learn. Particularly outside the classroom, read widely, explore what seems interesting, and check back to see how your growing body of knowledge complements and strengthens what you already know. You will naturally gravitate towards what seems interesting, and you'll develop an insatiable curiosity that will stay with you throughout your life. You won't know exactly the same things as everybody else, but what you will be is unique and valuable.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Javier’s Answer

Updated California, California

I would add Management Consulting. The basic skills are math proficiency, communication skills, logical thinking (among others). The best part of these types of roles is that the projects and industries constantly switch (at least in the first years), so if you're bored with some problem/industry, you can switch to a new one easily on your next move.

Greg’s Answer

Updated Leesburg, Alabama

Explore within business what you like the most. I also tend to get bored easily. But for me, I really enjoy the marketing and advertising functions of business. You may enjoy some other elements. Find your passion is the key. Of course, along you career and in your day to day job you will probably work across many functions of business (other than those you enjoy the most). But, it can also be more engaging to learn how everything fits together and then how best to strategically execute.

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