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Do you have any advice on proper interviewing techniques?

What are some good questions to ask a potential employee to determine if they are a good match for the job? #business #management #manager #executive

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4 answers

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PINKAL’s Answer

It's important to do some leg work prior to the interview so you can maximize your time you are putting in for the interview. Questions are important, but how you begin the session is also very important. Sometimes people may feel overwhelmed or distracted due to unorganized interview and may end up doing poorly in the interview. You should project positive and candid vibe from the beginning that you care.

Before going into the interview, make sure you have highlighted items in candidates resume that requires explanation. Start the interview by giving 5 minute explanation of your department's role in the company and your role in the department. then Segway into the job requirements and hit the high points of what is expected from the candidate. Then ask the candidate to do a quick walk through of his/her resume and ask to make connection with the requirements of the job. Ask them to explain how they are able, willing, and ready to take on the responsibilities. Once you have gone through their expertise and experience profile, go into behavioral questions-- what motivated you to apply for this position? why leaving another job? passion? working with others? how do they keep up with the trend in the market? etc. Be specific about next steps and give at least 5-10 minutes to ask you questions. Hope this helps.

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Tony’s Answer

"What are some good questions to ask a potential employee to determine if they are a good match for the job?"

Naturally all interviews should be nuanced to the needs of the company and the role.

There is no better predictor of future behavior than past behavior and most importantly what they learned from that experience and how they would apply it to your company. I recommend behavioral interview questions (sample links below) as a good foundation for an interview. It can also be helpful to share challenges at your firm that the candidate will be facing or could have faced and how they would respond.

In some instances cases can be helpful as well. Give the candidate a case the simulates what they may see on the job and let them walk you through the results. Naturally with any creative interviewing ideas, make sure your HR is on-board.

Same behavioral interview questions:

Best of luck,

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Greg’s Answer

Ask the candidates to explain how they have handled various situations. Real examples and not hypothetical are best. The candidate should answer outlining the situation, the action, and the result .

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Simeon’s Answer

Ask them their reasons for their interest in the position and see if there is any intrinsic motivation to do the work beyond the compensation. Also, ask them questions about how they get along with others, how they handled stressful situations, and what they look for in a work environment. See what real life examples they can give about themselves and if it matches the general descriptions of themselves that they give.