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How do Top executives handle the pressure of maintaining a large or even small business are company?

I'm asking because I was wondering if both would exhaust the same amount of stress. #business #executive

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3 answers

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Alex’s Answer

This is a great question, Dion.
First, not all top executives manage the pressure very well. Stress and life balance is something the executives struggle with frequently.
The ones who do a good job have developed techniques that work for them, over time and often through trial & error.
Some strategies that work well are:
- Having an outlet or activity, like exercise to help burn off some of the impact of stress.
- Having a peer, coach, or group to talk to discuss the challenges helps release stress and help uncover possible solutions
- Focus. Successful executives no their priority and are able to say no to the distractions and challenges that can build up and create stress.
- Delegation. Really great executives know how to share the load with the right people on their team.
- Perspective. this usually comes with experience. The top executives who are great at balancing the pressure understand that mistakes and failures happen along the way - and look to reduce stress for themselves and their teams and move on to problem solving as quickly as possible. They know that stress is part of business, but also know that their company can not be truly successful if it's the constant state of things.

I hope this helps!

I'm a founder of a nonprofit corporation, and this advice cannot be more honest. We had several occassions where we had Board Members leave because of the high pressure. Eugene Cordell

Thank you all for replying. It definitely gave me more insight on the lives of and situation that many executives must confront nearly everyday. Thank you once more. DION S.

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Gary’s Answer

That is a great question...I have not managed a large business but I have been a Manager in a larger business and owned a small business. Personally I prefer small business management, you do a wider variety of things and have full responsibility for your small business but there is usually no one else to answer to and you make your own policy and processes for the most part.
In a larger business, you will probably have other departments, partners, people, policies and processes to deal with that are interested in how and what you do to deal with. It is called the "Politics of Business" :)
Good luck!

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Simeon’s Answer

Honestly, a lot of the time, they don't handle the stress well. Top executives are some of the most strained and over-worked individuals in the company. Plus, the more pressure there is to perform, the more hours they work and the more they tend to put their self-worth in their job performance. To survive at the top takes a great amount of mental and emotional fortitude.