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What obstacles may I foresee being a non-traditional student and what advice could be given?

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I am entering as a non-traditional student and I want to know how should I prepare for college and what advice I should have. #college-advice #college #college-prep

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Katie’s Answer


I think for non-traditional students that staying organized is key because they are typically juggling tough schedules. Keep track of when assignments are due and when tests are scheduled. Give your professors as much advanced notice as possible when your work or home life has unavoidable conflict with your school requirements.

Some schools and degree programs are better suited for non-traditional students. Meet with your advisor early and often to ensure you understand all the requirements of your chosen major. Be sure to keep your employer aware of any accommodations that you might need as you work towards your degree.

If your employer provides tuition reimbursement, find out as much as you can about the program before starting your degree. Your employer have restrictions on the types of degrees that they will fund, limits on the amount they will pay, length of service minimums, and/or time commitments once the degree is finished.

Katie recommends the following next steps:

  • Meet with your advisor to understand the hurdles you are facing.
  • Research the education benefits your current employer provides.