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Scarlett T. Feb 27, 2015 718 views

What a chemical engineer can work ?

What a chemical engineer can work other than lab ? And what is the job description ? I want to know what are the criterias and the characteristics of a chemical engineer (personality, passions, style,.. ) to see if this agree with mine because I am studying chemical engineering but I don't...

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Edward C. Jan 14, 2018 335 views

What obstacles may I foresee being a non-traditional student and what advice could be given?

I am entering as a non-traditional student and I want to know how should I prepare for college and what advice I should have. #college-advice #college...


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Angelina N. Jan 14, 2018 378 views

What's something that I should bring to my college dorm that people wouldn't think to bring?

Going to be going to college in the Fall (of course)! I have a history of being unprepared and want to make my first year as stress free as possible. #college #dorms #dormlife #freshmen #fall #2018 #classof2022 #student...


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Ariel D. Jan 16, 2018 439 views

Why is it important to go to college?

I'm asking this question because I am genuinely curious. I have also gotten multiple answers before....


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Diana T. Jan 16, 2018 459 views

Does the university I graduate from affect the position I get in a job?

If I go to University of Arizona will I be able to get the same position in a career as if I go to Stanford? #careers...


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Madi B. Jan 16, 2018 414 views

Is it really my dream job?

There are so many career options available but how do I know if I’ve chosen the right one before actually starting to work? I plan on majoring in chemistry because I’ve always loved science, but I’m worried that, even though there are lots of careers through that major, I might not love it...

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Antonio R. Jan 16, 2018 342 views

Is chemical engineering a career for me?

I love problem solving, and as an individual being challenged is simply a great thing in my mind. If I ever run into issues, I will try and reach out to both my individual mind and my peers in order to be able to further advance with a concept. As a high school student, I loved my chemistry...

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Marie R. Jan 17, 2018 436 views

How can you find your community in college?

I'm concerned that making lasting friendships will be much more difficult in college. I don't really want to participate in Greek life, and I'm not sure how many groups related to my religious and extracurricular interests will be available in college. I'm used to being around a small,...

#collegelife #college #community #friends #college-advice

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DeVante B. Jan 19, 2018 250 views

Why are students pushed to enroll in 4-year colleges right out of high school?

Is it simply a recommendation or is there another underlying reason, as opposed to applying to a community college?...


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Katherine H. Apr 03, 2018 380 views

What are the top colleges for a chemical engineering degree?

I've always wanted to go to Western, but they don't have my major. I've looked into other schools, and I was wondering if it was common knowledge what schools have the best chem. eng. degrees? #chemical-engineering #engineering #chemistry #science #college-major...


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Kathryn T. Apr 05, 2018 314 views

How do you pay off student debt quickly?

I think that this is the question we all are asking. xD #studentdebt...


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Rahiem J. Apr 19, 2018 277 views

what degree do i need to obtain to become a robotics engineer?

I took a robotics class in elementary class and built a robot and enjoyed the experience #technology...


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Valeria L. Apr 19, 2018 426 views

Is college really necessary to succeed in life?

We are always told since we are kids to go to school, go to college, get a great job that will help us live a better life but we are basically going to work so many years to pay our student debt not to mention that we aren’t guaranteed to find a job with our degree...


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Valerie E. Apr 26, 2018 352 views

What can I expect from Physics?

I will be taking Physics next year along with organic chemistry. I'm an average student. Should I be worried about this course load? #physics...