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How are working conditions as a Manufacturing Production Technician

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2 answers

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Yeshaswini’s Answer


In a typical work setting, manufacturing production technicians:


  • Have a medium level of social interaction.
  • Are somewhat responsible for the health and safety of others workers.
  • Communicate mostly by talking to others in person. They also write e-mail and use the telephone on a regular basis.
  • Often work as part of a project team.
  • Occasionally write letters and memos.
  • Are somewhat responsible for the work done by others.
  • Occasionally are placed in conflict situations.


  • Wear safety attire or protective gear on a daily basis.
  • Usually work indoors. These sites may not be temperature-controlled.
  • Are often exposed to loud sounds and distracting noise levels.
  • Are exposed to hazardous equipment on a weekly basis.
  • Are sometimes exposed to contaminants.
  • May share work space with others.


  • Must be very exact and accurate when performing the job. Slowing down the production line costs money.
  • Usually consult a supervisor before making a decision or setting daily tasks and goals. Their decisions impact their employer's reputation and the work done by other employees.
  • Must meet strict weekly deadlines. This may make the work environment somewhat competitive.
  • Must match the pace of work to the speed of equipment.
  • Repeat the same physical and mental tasks.


  • Usually work a standard 40-hour work week, but overtime may be necessary to meet deadlines or quotas.
  • Shift work may be common.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.


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Katie’s Answer

The environment in a manufacturing facility may be dictated by the types of products that are being manufactured. Some products require a clean room with low level of pollutants and highly controlled temperature and humidity. I have worked with some products that require such a cold environment that those who work in the area wear parkas.

The team environment at facilities can also vary widely. I have worked with 20+ facilities across the country, and I feel that the team environment is impacted by a number of factors including location (small town vs city, South vs West), age of the facility (well established vs start-up), and leadership.

Katie recommends the following next steps:

If you can get an opportunity to do an onsite interview for a role at a manufacturing facility, be sure to ask for a tour. The tour should give you a good idea of the environment in which you'll be working. You should also ask to see the employee amenities like break rooms and locker rooms.