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What are some worthwhile jobs that can be attained with a degree in theatre?

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I'm a sophomore in high school, and I love theatre. I enjoy the technical side of it and acting can be fun too. I want to know what kinds of jobs there are in theatre/film production, other than an actor or director, that others have experience in. Is it fun or is the job stressful? #theatre #film-acting #musical-theatre #studio #studio-lighting #stage-lighting

2 answers

Daniela’s Answer


Hi Jesus,

Theater graduates have many opportunities available within the performing arts field, including acting, directing, and set design. Theater degree programs are available at the associate, bachelor's and master's degree level. While few positions require formal education, theater programs can hone essential skills and open up more job opportunities.

  • A degree in theater is beneficial for actors because it teaches acting techniques and nonverbal communication through movement, as well as providing voice training. Some theater degree programs may offer an acting or performance concentration that allows students to take advanced classes in acting. techniques. Many colleges and universities give students a chance to perform in school productions.

  • Directors bring a production to life by coordinating all its aspects such as cast, design, script and crew. During rehearsals, directors provide insight for cast members and help with their movement and blocking. They also approve set designs, lighting, props, locations, music and wardrobe.

  • Set designers create and design a production's scenery, backdrops, furniture and props. These theater professionals consult with directors and writers to discuss the script, budget and design ideas. Set designers may also perform research to create life-like settings that illustrate the time period and place.

In kansas City we have the University of Missouri: - For students who study theatre at UMKC, there are multiple opportunities with professional theatre companies, community theatres and schools in Kansas City. UMKC’s professional M.F.A. theatre training program is in the top 15 of more than 400 graduate theatre programs in the United States.

  • UMKC Theatre faculty are nationally recognized specialists in acting, directing, stage management, design and technology (costuming, sets, lighting and sound), history of theatre and playwriting.

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Jonathan’s Answer


Theatre in high school and college was some of the best times. From it came so many life time friends. So many opportunities for a hard working person. I have friends that started as a stage hand at Universal studios in Orlando. Now is managing some of the big shows there until this day. Some took a leap of faith and went to California and are acting, producing and even doing stage make up. There is opportunities depending on current location and how much risk you are able to take. Break a leg