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Best Scholarship Programs?

I am looking for scholarships right now and I am wondering what the best online resources are for finding great scholarship opportunities, preferably tailored more for my location and major. #scholarship #financial-aid #grant-writing

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2 answers

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Amber’s Answer

Hi Alex,
Although I cannot recommend a specific Scholarship Program, one thing I always suggest is to apply for any scholarship you come across. It is astonishing how many will have a low number of applicants, making your chances of being selected even better!
Good luck!

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Kevin’s Answer

After receiving your Financial Aid award letter(s) be sure to calculate the net cost for each school you have been admitted to. If you are still seeking additional funds following the steps below.

Kevin recommends the following next steps:

Check with Financial Aid Offices for Endowed/Restricted Scholarships that may be available to you
visit www.fastweb.com
visit https://myscholly.com/