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Pixar hiring from SCAD

Has anyone graduated from SCAD and gotten a job with Pixar? How difficult was it to get hired. #character-animation #2d-animation #animation #3d-animation

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1 answer

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Vinny’s Answer

The short answer is Yes.

Pixar has representatives at SCAD and they go and scout there all the time, just like they do with any animation school. If you are looking to get hired from Pixar, I wouldn't worry about where your education comes from though, and focus more on what Pixar is actually looking for from their animators. Simply knowing how to animate "good", isn't enough to get placed at Pixar. Pixar likes to see Demo Reels no longer than 3 minutes, with animations that tell story through character, that the audience can empathize with. I surmised that much from Pixar's own FAQ page.

Vinny recommends the following next steps:

I would go to the Pixar Careers FAQ Page and look at what they look for in animators and move accordingly from there.