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How closely related is science and engineering?

I am a junior currently enrolled in a 2 year physics class and wanting to becoming an engineer. But I'm still unsure about what kind of engineering to pursue. I enjoy my physics and math class; however, I have always lacked the interested in my other science classes. So my question is how important is science in engineering? #science

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Amber’s Answer

Hi there!

I guess the answer is it depends on what kind of engineering! Science and engineering are related, but you're correct to point out there is a difference.

A chemical or biological engineer needs to learn a lot about engineering but also a lot about chemistry and biology. So, if you don't like those two subjects, you might not want to consider being that type of engineer.

A civil engineer, mechanical engineer, or aeronautical engineer is a little different. You need to understand a lot of math and physics (just like any other engineering) and your other classes will all mostly have to do with applying science to solving problems (that's more or less what an engineer does!). So you will need to take classes like heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, statics, and even some basic electrical engineering and circuits courses. You will also need to learn about properties of materials.

I hope this helps!