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Absalom ’s Avatar
Absalom Feb 25, 2015 1130 views

How closely related is science and engineering?

I am a junior currently enrolled in a 2 year physics class and wanting to becoming an engineer. But I'm still unsure about what kind of engineering to pursue. I enjoy my physics and math class; however, I have always lacked the interested in my other science classes. So my question is how...

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Feb 26, 2015 1423 views

What does it take to become a Biomedical Engineer?

I'm thinking of going to school to be a Biomedical Engineer. What school would be right for me? What is the average wage? How long do I have to attend a post-secondary institution? If I only wanted to go to school to receive a Bachelor's Degree, what would be a good option for me if the above...

Dustin’s Avatar
Dustin Feb 26, 2015 1218 views

After going to college is it hard to find a great engineering job that pays well? and are they stable jobs?

I was wondering were the jobs for engineering anything like construction jobs. I ask this because I heard construction jobs are not stable jobs and you could get fired if the sight was closed down. I also wanted to know were engineers well needed jobs in the world because I don't want to study...

Terrence’s Avatar
Terrence Feb 26, 2015 1659 views

What should I base the decision of my college on?

I am a sophomore at Sumner Academy. I tend to be indecisive and I have no idea what I want to even do at college #college

Ian’s Avatar
Ian Mar 01, 2015 1115 views

How diffucult is it to make it to a big name school (UCLA, KU, Akron, USF)

I want to go to a big name school, but my GPA and class rank are not so good. I live in Kansas, and about half the senior class in my school go to KU ever year. #college #student-recruiting

Esmeralda’s Avatar
Esmeralda Dec 05, 2014 1410 views

How long does it take to be a doctor

I ask this because I want to be a doctor and I want to know how long it takes. #doctor #nurse #dentistry #surgeon #dental

Carol’s Avatar
Carol Dec 30, 2014 1714 views

How do I decide which career is best for me?

I am currently in 11th grade. I'm planning on going to college and I'm willing to get a PhD if it will have an impact on my career choice. My problem is that I have a variety of interests and I'm having a tough time deciding which path to take. I want to do something that will require me to be...

Aerionna’s Avatar
Aerionna Feb 09, 2015 2246 views

What information is necessary to know if I want to start my own law practice?

I am a sophomore in high school. I someday want to become a lawyer. I just want to know if there is anything I can be doing now in preparation. #law #lawyer

Dhakiya’s Avatar
Dhakiya Dec 01, 2014 1420 views

What majors would I need to study in college in order to become a zoologist?

I'm a Junior in Boston Collegiate Charter School and I am wondering what majors would I specifically have to study in college in order to be best prepared for the career in which I am striving for which so happens to be zoology. #college #zoology

Fernando ’s Avatar
Fernando Jan 08, 2015 1457 views

What classes should i consider taking if i am looking to take the bar exam in the future while i am working on my bachelor degree in Social Work?

I am asking because I am looking to obtain my bachelors in Social Work and then hopefully go to Law School. However; wanted to know any suggestions for courses, classes books that can help me prepare. #lawyer #professors #social-worker #legal #logic

Efe’s Avatar
Efe Jan 31, 2015 1149 views

How do I know what type of engineering to choose

I like making buildings, but I also like tinkering with things. Sound is also interesting to me. Can someone give me as much information as possible about engineering disciplines. #engineering #engineer

Quinn’s Avatar
Quinn Jan 30, 2015 1694 views

I want to be a lawyer ...but probably in business so now IAM taking history and economics as I think it suits my goal of being a business lawyer one day.. Generally I wana be a lawyer so am I currently doing the right thing??

IAM a secondary student studying my last year in college and will be looking forward for a scholarship next year IAM only asking this question because I don't know if IAM making the right choices of taking economics and history as my major subjects at school so when I go to university I will...