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What majors would I need to study in college in order to become a zoologist?

I'm a Junior in Boston Collegiate Charter School and I am wondering what majors would I specifically have to study in college in order to be best prepared for the career in which I am striving for which so happens to be zoology. #college #zoology

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2 answers

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Amber’s Answer

Hi there!

You might want to look into majors like Zoology or Animal Biology (these are often the same thing, just called something different) or Animal Science. Animal science is usually the biology of domesticated animals, so those programs could be a little less relevant to you.

Also, take a look at http://www.aboutbioscience.org/careers/zoologist for some information about a career as a zoologist.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for the information! I was wondering the same thing. Maegyn G.

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Gary’s Answer

Hi, you have a great answer from Amber ...just thought I would add another link for you:

A bachelors or masters degree is sufficient for some jobs in product development, management, applied research or inspection, while a Ph.D. is generally a requirement for independent research, particularly in academia.

Undergraduate students majoring in zoology and wildlife biology typically take courses in chemistry and biology, physics, engineering, computer science and mathematics. Because some modeling and simulation of biological processes is necessary, computer courses are beneficial to a zoology and wildlife biology student. Environmental studies courses will help them become familiar with applicable regulations and legislation.

Good luck!

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