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Elijuah yesterday 88 views

What are two things you learned about your favorite career path during the informational interview?

What are two things you learned about your favorite career path during the informational interview?

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Lexie Sep 19 40 views

How do I approach college wanting to major in anthropology? Do you like it? Would there be anything that you would tell seniors in high school to look out for in this field?

i’m nervous that i’m going to graduate and then go to college for this degree and then not want anything to do with it anymore. What kind of advice would you give someone wanting to go work in the forensics field studying anthropology?

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Addison Sep 18 75 views

What classes ?

What classes in high school are the best for being interested in going to a four year college to major in elementary education and minor in theater/ acting.

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leah Sep 18 35 views

when should I apply at my dream school?

At the moment I really want to go to UCLA

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aaliyeh Sep 13 97 views

I’m interested in becoming a veterinarian but not sure what Associates Degree to choose ?

Hi i’m a senior in high school and i’m interested in becoming a veterinarian! I currently work at a private vet clinic so I get first experience what vet life would be like and I love it. I’m not sure if I should get my A.S (associates in science) or just my regular A.A?

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charlotte Sep 11 102 views

how do i find a intership during college?

I want to know how to find an internship when in college to help me be able to learn more about a career and to have an advantage when applyin to jobs later on

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Infires Sep 08 175 views

What are your future plans and a human being, how do you plan to make yourself or the world better, why do you feel this is a need, when are you going to start these dreams.?

What inspires you?

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John Sep 07 101 views

Hi, Im a senior in highschool and I recently dropped my AP Econ (micro/macro) class and in place I am taking AP euro. I would like to major in Poli Sci in college and I am currently taking 4 APs which are, AP lit, Ap U.S. Gov, AP Euro, AP Comp Gov. I was wondering if dropping my AP econ class will affect my applications drastically.?

Is AP euro a difficult class and will it help me out in college as a poli sci major?

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Elizabeth Sep 07 161 views

Why is there not a lot of collages that can do online during high school?

i know that slcc and snow does but is there other collages?

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Dj Sep 03 136 views

what made you pick the job you have right now what basically made you interested in it? was it hard to choose if you had to pick either 2 jobs ? ?

im in the 11th grade well starting the 11th grade next week and im starting to do internships. im honestly focusing on automotive work i started to look at trade schools nd colleges and i picked a couple already

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Aarush Sep 05 72 views

What is the best way to study for the SAT.?

I need help.

sophie’s Avatar
sophie Aug 30 80 views

how do you write a good admissions essay?

what are good topics/topics to avoid

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stef Aug 27 151 views

What is the best way to get a scholarship Any tips or tricks? ?

Any tips or tricks? I am going into biology and will be moving onto veterinarian after that

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Zyda Aug 25 56 views

I have a question. I’m an 11th grader applying for colleges a right now. What are some good programs to get in for nursing?

I have applied for a few a few colleges. I’m from the US, so if you have any that are really good, feel free to let me know. Thank y’all and have a good one!

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amelia Aug 23 138 views

What is the best topic to write a college admissions essay about?

I have seen lots of ideas and lots of do’s and don’t’s and am not sure what to do.