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clinton 20 hours ago 199 views

who is a clerk?

clerk in court

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Jodi yesterday 374 views

How to change careers midlife after earning degrees but with zero experiwnce in field you are wanting to qork in?

How as a recent graduate with a BS in Psychology and a BS in Health Sciences, at 49 years old and changing career paths midlife can I get someone to at least interview me? Thus is not where I expected to be at this point in life but after spending 24 plus years as a Procurement Specialist in...

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Sammy Jul 18 255 views

I just learned about a program where Stanford students are helping high schoolers get mentoring. But the process is very selective and I wonder if it’s better to get nominated by a trusted professional I know or apply myself?

What would look the best?

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rose Jul 16 333 views

why shoul i be a teacher?

is teaching good

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Oscar Jul 13 688 views

UT Austin- Finance worth it?

Hi, this is Oscar, a rising sophomore of High School, this question is for UT Austin Finance students/graduates. Does it worth it? Why? How did you get in? Any tips?

Toni’s Avatar
Toni Jul 12 628 views

What steps can I take to change my career at 40? Are there jobs available to me?

I have worked in early childhood education for 20 years and have a master's degree in the field. However, I am seeking a change and would appreciate some advice to help me determine my next steps.

Vanshika’s Avatar
Vanshika Jul 11 453 views

Admission Officers: Should I join my local Youth activities Council? Would that boost my overall college app, or should I save that time and spend it somewhere more useful?

While I do need to show some community service, I am interested in majoring in business and am wondering whether to spend that time working towards writing for financial literacy or join this Council where I don't know which mission it will most likely serve. I would like to hear the...

Cassandra’s Avatar
Cassandra Jul 09 431 views

I'm a low-income, first generation student and am seeking career mentorship. Where do I start?

I am a community college student interested in working at a bank as a financial advisor. My community college does not have the resources to help me so I don't know where to start.

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SNB Jul 08 553 views

Do I need a "spike" in my interests for college applications?

I see a lot of advice that students should have a spike in their applications to demonstrate interests and clear focus/passion. If they want to go into computer science they should do mainly computer science related classes and extracurriculars. I want to go into biomedical engineering so I am...

Jin’s Avatar
Jin Jul 07 506 views

What universities are good for biology (or STEM) majors?

Hello, I am a 17-year-old rising senior in high school and am looking to apply to colleges. I have a few colleges on my list but am hoping to add some more. I wish to major in biology and take on a career in STEM so am searching for colleges with a strong STEM program.

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Jul 04 369 views

What is computer science. Describe its prospects and advantages alongside its disadvantages

What is computer science. Describe its prospects and advantages alongside its disadvantages

Riya’s Avatar
Riya Jul 02 445 views

What are some good colleges offering programs in political science and business with special tracks leading to law school?

As a dedicated junior in high school with a passion for political science, business, and law, I'm driven by a profound interest in understanding legal systems. I aspire to leverage this passion into an undergraduate degree in political science, ultimately leading to pursuing a Juris Doctor...

Manolo’s Avatar
Manolo Jun 28 471 views

What Does AI entails?

What is AI all about?

Gary’s Avatar
Gary Jun 29 488 views

How do I get into politics by creating my own notarized documents without a degree?

Do you have to get a degree to become a political professional who also is a computer software engineer? The logical explanation for this is that I dropped out of high school in senior year because I realized that a piece of paper can not explain my level of intelligence. I decided to do all...

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Halani Jun 27 276 views

Whats your best studying tips for late night study sessions?

Many people have healthy study habits i need some need ideas so i can study longer and actually understand my work