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Kiyel M. Aug 09, 2019 89 views
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Kenny C. Sep 10, 2019 91 views

What are some of the hardest problems to troubleshoot and how often do they occur?

I am a student at Npower with the ITF+ certification and currently working towards the A+ certification. I also have great interest in networking....


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Angelica P. Jul 27 75 views

How to determine which engineering major is right for you?

Hi, I’m currently a rising senior in high school and will most likely pursue engineering in college. However, I’m still struggling to figure out which engineering major is right for me. I’ve been considering electrical or chemical engineering but I’m still unsure. #college #majors...


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Esther C. May 25, 2018 374 views

What major should I have if I want to be a fraud examiner?

I am currently an accounting major in college, but recently participating in a leadership conference, my interest in becoming a fraud examiner was re-sparked. However, a lot of the websites I came across only vaguely said to major in a fraud examination related major. Thus, I was wondering what...

#choosing-a-major #fraud-examination #cfe #majors #accounting

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Taner A. Aug 06 51 views

Am I prepared to apply for Electrical Engineering internships?

Hello I'm going into my third year of my EE degree, so far I have take intro circuits and logic design, this semester I will be taking circuits 2 and electronics. My question is am I prepared to apply for internships or should I wait until I'm more into my EE degree? Thank you! #electrical...

#question #internship #engineering

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Pogba C. Jul 18 54 views

is dropshipping the best way of business to profit a lot and how would you go about it and get notice with so many competitors in the field?

I'm about to be a college freshman trying to start earning money while sleeping with a successful business and it's hard for me because I want to step in with the right foot and lessen the chances of failing. #career...

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Jessica H. Jul 08 65 views

What colleges should I look at to become a neonatal nurse?

There are so many colleges for nursing but there too far from where I live. #college #nursing...


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Amanda C. Aug 01 67 views

How close is Brooklyn-99 to the real NYPD?

Ok, dumb question, but is Brooklyn-99 anything similar to actually being on the NYPD? I love the show and it's made me consider joining the NYPD but I know it's fiction and probably unrealistic. One of the best parts about the show is its representation and diversity, but is the NYPD force...

#nyc #nypd #cops #cop #new-york #police #july20 #criminal-justice

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oriana O. Aug 02 55 views

What job in the FBI would have a lot of leadership- that's similar to being a CEO?

I really like to know what jobs are like CEO or have a lot of leadership in the FBI- I work better and teams, and even better when I can take charge with the help of others. #career #ceo #business #fbi #law #management...


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Is phlebotomy a hard job?

What's so hard about doing this job? #phlebotomy...


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Vivian G. Sep 12, 2019 102 views

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