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How do I know what type of engineering to choose

I like making buildings, but I also like tinkering with things. Sound is also interesting to me. Can someone give me as much information as possible about engineering disciplines. #engineering #engineer

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2 answers

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Amber’s Answer

Engineering is a wonderful career choice! Although I changed my career path to become a lawyer, I studied bioengineering in college and graduate school.

It sounds like you might want to do some more research into civil engineering or mechanical engineering. Civil engineers are involved in the design of structures, so this would go well with your love of buildings. Mechanical engineers can be involved in many different things, but your love of "tinkering" seems to mesh well with mechanical engineering. They are often involved in the design of mechanical things (think cars and other machines). Mechanical/aeronautical engineers are specifically involved in the design of planes and other flying things (think space ships!).

Other types of engineering are electrical, software, biological, chemical and environmental. If you can imagine something in this world, an engineer was probably involved in its development!

Good luck, and please ask more questions if you have them.

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Deng’s Answer

Do what you are interested in!

Are you more interested in civil engineering or mechanical engineering? Civil engineers involved in the structural design, mechanical engineers can participate in many different things, but you seem to "tinkering" hobby and mechanical engineering are in good agreement. They are often involved in the design of machinery.

So, it's most important to do what you are interested in! Good luck!