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What classes should i consider taking if i am looking to take the bar exam in the future while i am working on my bachelor degree in Social Work?

I am asking because I am looking to obtain my bachelors in Social Work and then hopefully go to Law School. However; wanted to know any suggestions for courses, classes books that can help me prepare. #lawyer #professors #social-worker #legal #logic

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3 answers

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Amber’s Answer

It sounds like you're on track for a great future since you're already thinking about preparing for the next thing.

Law school is interesting because it's a place where people with many backgrounds come together to learn about one thing: the law.

If you want to be prepared for law school, you should do a few things:

  1. Figure out when you want to apply, and look into the LSAT. This is an exam that everyone has to take as a part of applying to law schools (kind of like the SAT for undergraduate programs). The test is tough, and it's incredibly important to get a high score on it. So, one important thing to do is start getting materials for the LSAT and study those.

  2. If you want to prepare for law school itself, I suggest working on your writing and critical thinking skills, as well as reading comprehension. You will be reading and writing a lot in law school, and the better you are at remembering what you read and writing clearly, the better off you will be! I think it's less important to try and study legal topics. You will learn about that in school - just get really good at writing, critical thinking (problem solving), and reading comprehension.

  3. Make sure to do your research about the different law schools before you apply. Understand what the job opportunities really are for the graduates of the programs you are interested in.

Good luck!

Thank You. It was really helpful. Fernando P.

Thank you I needed this Shantae C.

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Teresa’s Answer


I am a lawyer. I'd like to share with you how I became a lawyer. Law school requires critical thinking, analysis, and reading comprehension skills so I took courses in college that I believed would help me improve these skills. There are also some colleges that provide pre-law courses that can help you improve these skills. Law school admissions will look at primarily your LSAT scores, your undergraduate grades, and your extracurricular activities. I studied hard in college, served in leadership positions in various extracurricular activities, and prepared for the LSAT by enrolling in an LSAT prep course. When I was preparing my undergraduate and law school applications, I had several peers and mentors review and critique my applications.

Once you get into law school, you will find that it is different from undergraduate. Law schools generally have one exam per course which you will take at the end of the semester and the exam score will generally be your final grade for the entire course. So the exam is the most important aspect of each course. The law school exams are also different from undergraduate exams. For the typical law school exam, you will be expected to analyze several legal issues.

After law school, I prepared for the bar exam. I took a bar exam prep course and studied hard to prepare for it. The bar exam is slightly different from the typical law school exam so the bar prep course helped me properly prepare for it. Once you graduate from law school and pass the bar exam, you will get a bar license that will allow you to practice law.

Being a lawyer has been a rewarding experience for me and I love being able to help people. I hope this information is helpful to you! Good luck and study hard!

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Richard’s Answer

My wife is an attorney. She said it would be very difficult to study for the Bar exam before actually attending law school. If you are referring to the LSAT though, definitely get a study book and take a review course.