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Aerionna’s Avatar
Aerionna Feb 09, 2015 4050 views

Is knowing a second language useful in the pursuit of becoming a lawyer?

I am 15 years old. I want to become a lawyer, I am currently taking Spanish. Spanish is become the second language lithe united states and I feel that by know both spanishnand English, I will not be limited to just english speaking clients.

Law Questioner ’s Avatar
Law Questioner Apr 26, 2015 1367 views

why did you want to become a lawyer?

I want to be a lawyer too and I want to see if my reason makes sense. #lawyer

Jazmin’s Avatar
Jazmin Mar 24, 2015 1362 views

Is there anything that helped you in college prepare for becoming a lawyer?

I am a soon to be freshman in college and I want to pursue the career of a lawyer. However, I am scared because I am not sure exactally what I should study when I get to college. #lawyer #judge #women-in-law

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Jun 18, 2015 1354 views

what would i have to major in college to become a lawyer?

I've wanted to be a lawyer for years now. But i don't know how to go about starting my law career when i start college, I would like to start thinking about it right now while i'm still in high school. #career #law #lawyer

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Jun 26, 2015 4431 views

what's the best career? Lawyer or a therapist?

I'm good at giving advice to people and I like to hear their problems I want to be able to help them but I would also like to be a lawyer because I don't like when people get in some kind of situation that they had nothing to do with it. I feel like becoming a therapist would be something I...

Jaymes’s Avatar
Jaymes Jun 01, 2015 1322 views

How much education, training, and experience do I need to be a lawyer/judge?

I am in High School in the 9th grade and I have 2 career choices, a teacher and a lawyer or judge. #lawyer #judge #magistrate

Shubham’s Avatar
Shubham May 29, 2015 1332 views

Advocate ( Lawyer )

I am studying in 10 th class and i want to become an advocate but i don't know which subject i have to choose in 11 th class? And after that what i have to do?
I am studying in carmel convent senior secondary school , Neemuch (M.P.). #law #lawyer #police #police-officer #lawyers

Martha★’s Avatar
Martha★ May 18, 2015 1732 views

What are the requirements to be a lawyer?

I'm a senior in high school and i want to know what courses should i take to become a lawyer? #teacher #law #students #environment #lawyers

Shantae’s Avatar
Shantae Mar 25, 2015 5524 views

How is the social life with being a lawyer?

I am 19 years old about to graduate high school. I want to become a lawyer, but then I want to have a career that is enjoyable. #lawyer #work-life-balance

Jahleel’s Avatar
Jahleel Apr 06, 2015 971 views

What do I have to do in order to become a lawyer?

I am thinking of becoming a lawyer and I am very good in the social field. #lawyers

Fernando ’s Avatar
Fernando Jan 08, 2015 1314 views

What classes should i consider taking if i am looking to take the bar exam in the future while i am working on my bachelor degree in Social Work?

I am asking because I am looking to obtain my bachelors in Social Work and then hopefully go to Law School. However; wanted to know any suggestions for courses, classes books that can help me prepare. #lawyer #professors #social-worker #legal #logic

Luz’s Avatar
Luz Mar 23, 2015 2823 views

To study law`are there characteristics that will help you get there or is there a personality you must have?

I am a junior at a high school in L.A. I ask this question because law interests me but I don't know if I have the personality to pursue this career. #law #lawyers #business-lawyer

Zuli’s Avatar
Zuli Mar 19, 2015 1230 views

How often do recent law graduates get a job without having any previous internship experience at a law firm?

I am a high school senior perusing an education to become a criminal justice attorney. While I will make it a priority to get internship and experience, I recognize that it may be an obstacle. I want to know the likelihood of a job fresh out of college. #jobs #lawyer #internships #criminal-justice

Aerionna’s Avatar
Aerionna Feb 09, 2015 1633 views

What major would be most useful in college to obtain to become a lawyer?

I am 15 years old and I am a sophomore in high school. I want to be a lawyer when I get older. #law #lawyer #majors #legal

Catherine ’s Avatar
Catherine Feb 13, 2015 1111 views

Is it best to go to law school once you complete college or earn your Master's degree?

Just curious. #lawyer