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After going to college is it hard to find a great engineering job that pays well? and are they stable jobs?

I was wondering were the jobs for engineering anything like construction jobs. I ask this because I heard construction jobs are not stable jobs and you could get fired if the sight was closed down. I also wanted to know were engineers well needed jobs in the world because I don't want to study something and then not be able to find a great paying job. #architect #mechanical-engineer #architectural

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Amber’s Answer

Hi there!

Engineering is a fantastic career option. It sounds like you might want to be a civil engineer given your interest in construction. But, there are many other types of engineers as well (mechanical, biological, chemical, electrical, software, etc).

The one nice thing about engineering is that it usually leads to a stable, well-paying job right after college. You generally don't need an advanced degree (like a masters degree or PhD). Engineers are extremely sought after because we don't have enough of them, so it's a good career choice!