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I want to be a lawyer ...but probably in business so now IAM taking history and economics as I think it suits my goal of being a business lawyer one day.. Generally I wana be a lawyer so am I currently doing the right thing??

IAM a secondary student studying my last year in college and will be looking forward for a scholarship next year IAM only asking this question because I don't know if IAM making the right choices of taking economics and history as my major subjects at school so when I go to university I will know what IAM doing...I mean I don't want to end up being stuck in making any further choices of courses I should've taken or regret having the two subjects as my major...I really wanted to be a lawyer but right know am just not clear about what subjects I should take in preparing for uni or in other words for being a lawyer of course .. #business #law #english #politics #legal-studies #constitution

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