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I want to be a lawyer ...but probably in business so now IAM taking history and economics as I think it suits my goal of being a business lawyer one day.. Generally I wana be a lawyer so am I currently doing the right thing??

IAM a secondary student studying my last year in college and will be looking forward for a scholarship next year
IAM only asking this question because I don't know if IAM making the right choices of taking economics and history as my major subjects at school so when I go to university I will know what IAM doing...I mean I don't want to end up being stuck in making any further choices of courses I should've taken or regret having the two subjects as my major...I really wanted to be a lawyer but right know am just not clear about what subjects I should take in preparing for uni or in other words for being a lawyer of course .. #business #law #english #politics #legal-studies #constitution

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4 answers

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Andrew’s Answer

Congratulations on what you are already achieving and for thinking ahead. As a lawyer in the US since 1996, my advice is to develop your writing skills, critical thinking skills and study skills.

Writing is an obvious one.
Critical thinking means learning more than just facts. A good lawyer is able to identify problems, opportunities and things that make a situation unique or similar to or different from another. With a good teacher in history, language arts, or almost any subject you'll be developing these skills. But only if you seek out those "muscles" in yourself and use them.

Finally I say study skills because when you study law there is not enough time to read all the material and prepare for class unless you have some skill with how to do it.

Good luck!

thank you for your kind wishes harithana M.

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Amber’s Answer

I want to second what Andrew mentioned. I would also point out that it's not necessarily important what major you pick if you'd like to go to law school. If you end up following that path, you will notice people with all types of backgrounds in your class! But, as Andrew mentioned, it's important to really develop your critical thinking and writing skills so you can keep up once you get to law school.

I would also suggest you do your research on law schools and programs, as well as potential in the job market before applying. Make sure you understand what graduates from the programs you are interested in actually do after they graduate. Being a lawyer is a wonderful career choice and many lawyers truly love their jobs. But, it's important to be realistic about what you can expect after you graduate.

Good luck!

thank you for your kind wishes!!!!!!!!!1 harithana M.

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S. Brent’s Answer

Hello Quinn,

You said you want to be a business lawyer and are currently taking courses in history. In my opinion, the more business classes you can take in college, the better you will be prepared to be a business lawyer after law school.

Everyone in law school takes that same courses and gets the same degree. You can find some lawyers who have made a career in an area like business who did not study business in college. But, getting a job right out of law school is competitive. Unless you graduate at the very, very top of your class, having a law degree alone isn't enough. What makes one newly graduated lawyer different from his or her classmates in the hunt for a job is their college major and work experiences before law school.

So, if someone wants to be a patent lawyer, in college they should study engineering or science and perhaps do internships in chemistry or biology laboratories. If someone wants to be a business lawyer, in college they should study business (e.g. accounting, finance, economics) and get some experience working with money or with the type of business they want to work with as a lawyer after law school. If someone wants to be a family lawyer, in college they should study sociology or psychology or work for a child protection agency or a non-profit organization that helps families, battered women, adoptive parents, etc. If someone wants to be an oil & gas lawyer, in college they should study petroleum engineering or business and try to get a job or internship with an oil or gas company.

See how that works?

thank you for your kind wishes harithana M.

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David’s Answer

Lots of good advice here for you Quinn. I would agree with Andrew above the critical thinking and writing skills are some of the most important aspects for being an effective lawyer. You must also be able to communicate effectively and work well with various groups of people, including your clients. If you have the chance to participate on a debate team that would be ideal. Otherwise, look for opportunities to present before your classmates or other groups on topics of interest to you including things that you are currently studying. Having to focus your communication skills in front of a group would offer an excellent opportunity to practice your writing and communication skills.

Another thing you might consider is whether you can do some informational interviews with practicing business lawyers in your area. If you can find one willing to do this, he or she may know others they could ask who would also do informational interviews with you. These practicing lawyers can offer you the benefit of their experience and give you an accurate picture of what they do on a daily basis. Then, you could determine if that career suits you. You can also take note of the courses these lawyers took and the various types of experiences those lawyers had in getting to where they are today. Start working on a list of questions you might ask a business lawyer if you were able to get 30 minutes of his or her time. Good luck with your research!

thank you for your kind wishes harithana M.