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CareerVillage Dec 29, 2011 4263 views

What is the career path to a successful career in law?

I am really interested in becoming a lawyer, but I have heard that it is not easy. I'm wondering how someone can become successful in law. #law #lawyer #career-paths #legal

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RS Mar 12, 2014 1721 views

Should I get a job now when I am in high school or during college?

I want to know whether to get a job right now during high school or during college. #college #career #jobs #job #high-school #colleges

Quinn’s Avatar
Quinn Jan 30, 2015 1511 views

I want to be a lawyer ...but probably in business so now IAM taking history and economics as I think it suits my goal of being a business lawyer one day.. Generally I wana be a lawyer so am I currently doing the right thing??

IAM a secondary student studying my last year in college and will be looking forward for a scholarship next year IAM only asking this question because I don't know if IAM making the right choices of taking economics and history as my major subjects at school so when I go to university I will...

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Law Questioner Apr 29, 2015 1503 views

What types of challeges do lawyers face in school and the job?

I am doing and project on a career (lawyer). I need to do an interview with a person that has studied or is studying this field. please contact me at at my career village account if you are interested in helping me! #law #lawyer #professors #attorney #judge #legal-profession

Aerionna’s Avatar
Aerionna Feb 09, 2015 1633 views

What major would be most useful in college to obtain to become a lawyer?

I am 15 years old and I am a sophomore in high school. I want to be a lawyer when I get older. #law #lawyer #majors #legal