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How do you break into the photography business?

I'm a food photographer but I haven't had any luck getting steady clients. Advice? #food-photography #photography #digital-photography

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3 answers

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David’s Answer

Wow! Food photography is tough! To break into professional photography you have to know how to photograph food so that you can satisfy your clients and you need a portfolio of exceptional images which illustrate your ability. Then you need to identify prospective clients and begin hustling for work. A mailer with an incredible image, or several incredible images, is a good start. Follow up with a phone call or email . If possible, you want to get in front of your prospective clients and develop a relationship. You have to convince these people that they can trust you to produce the images they want consistently. Remember; you are a photographer 20% of the time and a marketing person 80% of the time. Good luck!

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Bob’s Answer

There are quite a few tricks that make food seem tasty and give the photographer plenty of time to get their shots. Here is one link for reference:


You may want to use some of techniques discussed above or do additional research as how to make food seem tasty within your images. With the advent of high resolution cell phone cameras, it is even more important to be creative.

In addition, lighting can be as important for food as it is for people photography. Make sure your lighting shows depth, color, clarity, and the absence of unwanted shadows.

Bob recommends the following next steps:

Research how professional food photographers 'prepare their food'
Practice lighting skills with various pieces of food. How do they react?

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Kris’s Answer

Hi, both answers are awesome! All I want to add is to get a portfolio together and the easiest way is to go to small mom and pop shops and offer your services for free or a very small fee. Good Luck