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Do you have to major in criminal justice if you want to pursue a career in law-enforcement?

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Trying to determine the best major for me #college-major #criminal-justice #criminology #law-enforcement

4 answers

Candy’s Answer


No. Some states require an AS, Others juat require a couple of semesters of college and and being over the age of 18. A degree in any law feils would be beneficial though and can aid in promotions and pay raise.

Candy recommends the following next steps:

  • contact your local deparments for their requirements.
  • look at your local academies requirements to attend.

David’s Answer


No any studies will apply

Serge V.’s Answer


Hi Stacey,

No you don't need a Criminal Justice degree to pursue a career in law-enforcement. Some law enforcement careers only requires an Associate's Degree but it's best to get your Bachelor's Degree so you could improve your chances to advance in your career. I hope this helps you out.


Stacey’s Answer


No you don't have to major in CJ, but it would be a great major to help you understand how the court and criminal justice system works.