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How Does One Look More Into Dentist/Dental Care?

Im A Junior In Highschool And Have Been Interested In Working In Dental Care After A While Of Having Not-So-Great Teeth. I Would Like To Know What Classes One Should Take And What Schools Are Good To Go To? #dentistry #dentist #dental-hygienist #dental-school

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2 answers

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Steven’s Answer

Having had extensive dental treatment yourself gives you an interesting perspective from which to view dentistry as a potential career. If you also have an opportunity to work for or intern at a dental practice or facility, you will almost certainly become a more attractive candidate to dental schools.
Career counselors at college should be able to give you more specific information about admissions requirements for dental school. Dental schools also should list their admissions requirements on their website. My own dental school, NYU College of Dentistry, has their course entrance requirements here:


Good luck!

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Melissa’s Answer

In my first year of practice I worked in Connecticut making $30/Hr in a general practice and $35/Hr in a specialty practice. This was in 2009. It all depends on where you are seeking employment. I have never heard of a hygienist making as little as $30k a year even just out of school, unless perhaps they were somewhere in a small town where cost of living was very low. I averaged 50k my first year and had very pleasant patients and work environments:)