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What careers are related to cell-biology, molecular-biology, biomedical Engineering, and biotech?

Im interested in science. I can't see myself doing anything else honestly. All my life i was intrigued by science - biology to be specific. I like to see how organisms work and how lives can be affected by altering biology (ie GMO, vaccines, cell-reconstruction, etc...).
Year: Junior

ACT: 1st Composite (no writing): 25 2nd Composite (no writing): 30

GPA: Not exactly sure, last time I checked it was around a 3.0 (I didnt take freshman and sophomore year as seriously as I should have)

IB Classes: IB English, IB Statistics, Functions, etc...

Planned IB Classes for next year: IB English, IB Discrete, IB Biology, IB Physics

other classes that may help: Honors Algebra 1 & 2 Geometry Trigonometry Biology 1 Physics Earth Science

I want to work with molecular and cell biology too.
#biology #biomedical #molecular-biology #biotech #cell-biology

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1 answer

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Christopher’s Answer


As you might have guessed there are a wide array of different career paths accessible to the trained bioengineer. Given your interests and current trajectory you should try to identify colleges/universities with related degree programs or departments. Whether you end up entering the work force or going to graduate school thereafter, you'll definitely want to engage is some type of undergraduate research to help you contextualize your coursework and build experience at the bench. From there you can develop more specific interests into which area you wish to continue your work/studies.

Good Luck!