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Does it matter what type of job you have while you are in college?

I'm asking because I would like to have a job while I go to college work-life-balance

No i do not think that it matters what job you have in college because the purpose of a job especially in college is to make money and spend time productively so as long as you have a job making money its ok to work doing whatever janayshia A.
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5 answers

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Jay’s Answer


I dont think there is a definite Yes or No answer here. Part of it comes down to why you want to have a job in college.

If you need to make some money to help pay for school, then I do not think it matters what job you have ((or if you have many different jobs over your university years). For an interviewer, this will show that you are hard-working and responsible.

If you are looking for specific industry experience to add to your resume, then yes, the job you have will play a role.

Overall, though, look to each job you have with an eye towards what you can learn from the job. Even the most entry-level job has a lot to reach (responsibility, work ethic, working with teams and group dynamics, etc...).

Best of luck
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Liz’s Answer

Having a job you have in college matters in several ways, though I don't think it matters what the specific job is. Having any job in college is beneficial for your future career because in these 3 ways:
1) your professional network. The people you meet anywhere, including in this job, may end up helping you find another job later in your career. These people could also be references for you.
2) your skills. Even if this job is not related to the career you want to pursue, you will most likely be able to learn something about what you enjoy or want in a career, and also gain some hard or soft skills that are useful in future jobs.
3) experience. Aside from gaining specific skills, having any real-life work experience is invaluable for growing in your career, and you will have some good anecdotes to refer to when you're interviewing for future jobs.
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SHIRLEY’s Answer

I know that helped me in the area I was involved in during my college years. If there's a chance to work in your chosen career field — even if you're just sorting mail — it can help you with future connections.
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Lucie’s Answer

Short answer yes and no.

I think all experience is what it is: experience; and you can leverage it when interviewing for your first real job!
You are not going to sell the job you had (aside if it is the job you are applying for), but instead, you will speak in terms of skills, learning and experience.
For example being a waiter can be sold as a skillset: organized, attentive, good listener, good communicator, time management, etc. these are very valuable skills whether you want to go in sales, product management, or else.

You are learning through everything in your life, and sometimes, the biggest lessons are learned where we didn't expect them.

Hope this helps,
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Abhinav’s Answer

Hi Jayson,

I believe it will be helpful if you can find a job which can help you in some way than just helping you financial. It can be any of your interest areas, may relax you where you can enjoy your work as well as you can earn. May be a library, a gym, a sports club etc. It might help you to relax or boost your confidence which might help you in your studies.