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Does it matter what type of job you have while you are in college?

I'm asking because I would like to have a job while I go to college #work-life-balance

No i do not think that it matters what job you have in college because the purpose of a job especially in college is to make money and spend time productively so as long as you have a job making money its ok to work doing whatever janayshia A.

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2 answers

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SHIRLEY’s Answer

I know that helped me in the area I was involved in during my college years. If there's a chance to work in your chosen career field — even if you're just sorting mail — it can help you with future connections.

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Abhinav’s Answer

Hi Jayson,

I believe it will be helpful if you can find a job which can help you in some way than just helping you financial. It can be any of your interest areas, may relax you where you can enjoy your work as well as you can earn. May be a library, a gym, a sports club etc. It might help you to relax or boost your confidence which might help you in your studies.