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Brodrick P. Mar 15, 2016 795 views

Can you give me some tips and/or resources that will help me start to develop good analytical skills now, in high school?

I want to prepare for a career in finance but I'm not sure how to start doing that now, while still in high school, to get ahead of the game. What did you do to become proficient in analytics? Are there books you recommend I read? Website I could use? Thanks you in advance! #finance...

#investment-management #analytics #investing #financial-services

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Abdulwahab A. Dec 17, 2016 447 views

How does technology make a better employee?

At work, employees uses computers, printers, copy machines etc... How does that help the employee and our modern time efficiency? #business #computer #jobs #work-life-balance...


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Jayson M. Jan 16, 2018 213 views

Does it matter what type of job you have while you are in college?

I'm asking because I would like to have a job while I go to college...


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Faith J. Jan 16, 2018 290 views

Is having student debt worth it?

I'm asking because I am wondering if someone decided to go to a more expensive school rather than a cheaper school with the same amenities- basically everything is the same, except the name of the school. I am currently trying to decide whether being in debt from school is worth it because I...

#college-advice #college-selection #college-bound