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Sociology Jobs

What jobs can you get with a sociology degree? #sociology

Hi Kayleen! I think your question was answered here: https://www.careervillage.org/questions/17550/what-jobs-are-there-for-sociology-majors Abby Lupi

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Abby’s Answer

Hi Kayleen! I’m sorry no one’s answered your question yet. We're working hard to get it answered by Professionals with the best insights, but in the meantime I've included a link to a relevant Q&A here on CareerVillage.org that should be super helpful for you to read through.

Joana asked: What jobs are there for sociology majors?, and one of the Pros who answered it said:

I would also add from personal experience (as a Sociology major myself) that it is a really good background to have in general. You can always teach and do research with Sociology. I didn't particularly want to do that when I was an undergrad, so I ended up going to law school. Sociology served to be an excellent background for law school, and for future study since it teaches you to recognize patterns in behavior and things like that...

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